Why a lion?

Why a lion?

For a long time I have been thinking about the appearance of my website. Recognizable for some of you will be hours of sorting the pictures for the according pieces of text. Every picture with added value has been considered carefully to match the texts of my training and coaching offerings.

Therefore, the picture of a lion on my home page. Why a lion people have asked?
A lion stands for calmness, power, intuition, teamwork, courage, personal power, trust, respect, leadership, energetic, clear towards others, loyal, limiting and observing.

All aspects covered in my coaching and training trajectories. My logo stand for: developing yourself from your internal core towards the outer core in a trustworthy environment. In order to develop yourself and stand for your weaknesses and strengths, courage is required. What are your strengths? What are you not good at? What goes naturally and do you like?

From your inner force, and your personal leadership work together with trust and respect. Be loyal but limiting and clear towards your colleagues in what they can use you and in what not, that is what me and my team of coaches and trainers will realise. Preferably that you and your team will work together as a group of lions. Completely trusting each other, intuitively know each other’s strengths to ensure organic team work.

That is my goal: realising teamwork from a connection with each other, to ensure a completely organic process. More often I hear: but Lonneke, isn’t that quite an immense goal?! Do realise it can also scare away customers. Yes, I do realise that, but I also know my capabilities. Full of trust, energy courage and loyalty, with overview and calmness, I will fully trust my strengths: guiding teams to their full potential. Every time I look forward to the process & I get the opportunity to realise beautiful results, overruled with modesty and thankfulness.