True Connections

True Connections

A known phenomena of this time: by always using our mobile phones, texting/aping and surfing on the world wide web, we actually become less connected and more distracted. This while there still is the wish to connect, be with each other and do things together.

Often we are tempted by the promises of new technology to make our lives easier and help us to connect with others. Although these promises are presented to us in many ways and most gadgets are meant to improve the quality of our lives, most of the time they will create the opposite.

By always using your laptop, tablet and mobile phone, you will exit the connection with others and distract yourself more than connecting with people. By becoming aware of your tendencies, you will create insights and movement of other choices for yourself and your surroundings. Choices that will reconnect you to your surroundings and be present and interactive.

As soon as you decide to consciously let your gadgets work for you, you will become the boss of your own time. You will be able to put full focus on the things you rather do than having a telephone conversation or other distractions instead of human contact. Every one of us has the power to decide on dropping certain gadgets and become aware of the sights and sounds around you. In order to enlarge your consciousness and become fully present in your body and therewith in contact with your surroundings. When you use your ability to distinguish how to use personal energy, you will be certain in making the right choices for yourself and those around you whom you love.

The offer of gadgets can be helpful tools for a journey in the material world, however, you cannot forget the fact that you are human, every one of us needs interaction with others on a personal level. Choices that enlighten your life and help you feel connected to the world around you and therewith your loved ones deserve your complete attention, and the presence of your mind, body and spirit.