Soul Who?
Soul Who?

Let me start with introducing myself: I am Lonneke Bemer: trainer, coach, I love to be creative in my work, epicurean, realist, daughter, girlfriend, adventurer, energetic and an intuitive worker. Of course, these are just a few words to give you a small impression of myself. However, these words do give an insight on how I develop and facilitate my training and coaching practices.

Working with other people has always been one of my passions. I like people, I love people in every aspect they exist. We all have a certain personality, of course, every personality is different. As a trainer and coach, I love to work with different personalities and how we can put every aspect of your personality in to incredible results.

Every organization, every team and every individual has a (soul) core. Over the years I have been able to experience that when you start to work with this soul core, many beautiful things will arise that touch all the layers of the (soul) core. Therefore, I have chosen the company name: ‘’Soulution’’. Solutions arise from the core of your organization, the core of your team or your own core. ‘’Soulution’’ will work on a training or coaching question from the core, this will be done in a safe environment.

Experiential learning is a big part of my working method. Besides that, I love practical learning, it is proven that results of any training or coaching practices will be better when combined in theory and a diversity of teaching methods. One of my other passions is traveling. Becoming acquainted with a different culture, taking a break from normal life, brings me so much time after time. Therefore, I couldn’t resist to combine these two passions in some of my training practices, this is where Team Tripping has been developed from. Going on a trip with your team is such a different experience because traveling and team training is combined. This training is still mainly facilitated in the Netherlands; however, the first steps abroad have already been taken to Granada and Barcelona. More and more companies acknowledge that facilitating a training away from the familiar surroundings have a higher impact and generate far better results.

‘’Soulution’’ adapts flawlessly to what is required within your organization, for both team and individual. Are you occupied with issues regarding development, team composition or team development? Or do you have any questions related to both the development of the individual employee, as well as the team and perhaps even an organizational development question? If this is the case, I would like to discuss the possibilities with you, of course, while enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee. What could ‘’Soulution’’ mean for you?