Out-of-sight (Ibiza) (fully booked)
Out-of-sight (Ibiza) (fully booked)

A training for and by entrepreneurs. Out-of-sight, so away from here. Together with collegial entrepreneurs you will lay an authentic foundation for your personal and pragmatic development. Entrepreneurship requires a clear vision for the future, flourishes when passion is involved and requires guts for every decision made. During the entrepreneurial week in Ibiza you and your colleagues will build an authentic and sustainable foundation for your personal and pragmatic development. Vision, passion and courage will form the content pillars and the I and YOU the head of the tail. We will start with these five themes by using powerful working tools, surprising workshops, inter-vision, coaching and inspiring activities. At a unique training location in Ibiza with all-in caring and a beautiful environment. Grow and enjoy!

Target group: entrepreneurs.
Investment: € 2850, – pp.
Duration: 7 days (including 5 training days).
When: 1 to 7 June & 5 to 10 October 2018.

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