Soul Treat (Glastonbury)
Soul Treat (Glastonbury)

This ‘Soul treat’ is a treat to yourself, namely a soul retreat. During this retreat you will consciously distance yourself from the hectic everyday life. It is time for relaxation, purity and balance. This retreat is focused on letting go, space, balance, and new inspiration. We will work with what currently is important and active to you. You will broaden your self-insights, intuition and brightness using mindfulness, meditation, sound scale sessions and coaching. During the retreat you will explore, discover, integrate and if necessary unblock parts of yourself. You will learn to find new space and balance, integrating qualities you currently need, learn to make the right decisions and live out of your inner and essential force. Retirement and coaching also means that you will enjoy the beautiful environment in which you are staying. That you will allow you to spend a whole week of attention to yourself. This will make the combination of a retreat and coaching more efficient to find peace and thoroughly focus on your themes.

Target group: everybody that want to focus on themselves, find balance, and wants to reconnect with his/her soul core.
Investering: € 2395,- pp.
Duration: 7 days (including 5 training days).
When: 21 July to 27 July 2018.

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