Soul Travel (Granada)
Soul Travel (Granada)

A training journey in which you will receive coaching as well as the beautiful environment of Granada. During the trip you will be taken to multiple beautiful, and extraordinary places and you will be guided back to your (soul) core. With whatever question you enter this training, in our opinion it is always important that you link head, hart and intuition, make them work as one. When one of these links is missing, then goals will not be achieved, and the processes will stagnate. During Soul travel you will learn by doing, experience and you will be able to easily apply newly learned skills in your home environment. All of this in wonderful places, with the guidance of professionals and lots of personal attention.

Target group: everyone that want to explore self-reflection, self-development and explicitly allows themselves the time to do so in a nice environment.
Investering: € 995,- pp.
Duration: 6 days (including 4 training days).
When: 24 t/m 29 May 2018 & 11 t/m 16 October 2018.

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