Uitzicht (Ibiza)

A training for and by entrepreneurs. Out-of-sight, so away from here. Together with collegial entrepreneurs you will lay an authentic foundation for your personal and pragmatic development. Entrepreneurship requires a clear vision for the future, flourishes when passion is involved and requires guts for every decision made.

Soul Treat (Glastonbury)

This ‘Soul treat’ is a treat to yourself, namely a soul retreat. During this retreat you will consciously distance yourself from the hectic everyday life. It is time for relaxation, purity and balance. This retreat is focused on letting go, space, balance, and new inspiration. We will work with what currently is important and active to you.

Soul Travel (Granada)

A training journey in which you will receive coaching as well as the beautiful environment of Granada. During the trip you will be taken to multiple beautiful, and extraordinary places and you will be guided back to your (soul) core.