The invisible binding within organisations
The invisible binding within organisations

The invisible binding within organisations: a training based on the work of Bert Hellinger: systematically work within organisations. This training is developed for teams in every possible branch. Teams consisting of people that focus their attention on a joint target derived from different tasks and functions. Especially the humane aspects of the team make the difference. The magic happens between the connections of team members. When this connection stagnates, the cohesion will no longer flow, move or develop and the team will not be able to move further. It is important for the team to then focus on team tasks, team focus and team spirit.

  1. Team task: What is the task of the team? What does it require the team to do and where does the invisible connection facilitate or stagnate between the team members?
  2. Team focus: Where does the focus of the team lie? Is there a balance between personal and team goals?
  3. Team spirit: The joint spirit of the team and the processes between team members. The invisible/unconscious influences of the team spirit on the processes.

After this training you will have an insight on the dynamic complexity of the teams (proportions between team members, focus on a vision and mission, hidden dynamics and roles within the teams) and the tools on how to utilize this complexity to its full potential.

Target group: organisations/developing teams.
Investment: depending on the duration of the training.
Duration: in mutual consultation.

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