Going on a trip with your team
Going on a trip with your team

The training title already gives it away, during this training we will take the team on a trip, leaving the comfort zone to a city of team choice. Optimal collaboration: that is what it is about during the team trip. Together with your team we will research how we can optimise mutual collaboration. Topics that will be discussed are: collaboration, participation, converting unique qualities, communication, value differences and how do you strengthen each other?
It has been proven that this training will yield a high level of efficiency because we are going on a trip with the everyone, receiving training together at diverse locations in a city. After completing the training everyone in the team will be conscious of their challenges and unique contributions as well as those of their colleagues. You will know what successful teams do and how you will be able to collaborate optimally.

Target group: developing teams.
Investment: depending on the duration of the training.
Duration: in mutual consultation.

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