A journey with strength
A journey with strength

This training will be executed on three levels within an organisation.

  1. Discover the strengths of a co-worker: a day fully focused on the authentic strengths of every co-worker and how to embed this into the mission and vision of the organisation.
  2. Discover the strength of your team: Utilize each other’s strengths and accelerate out of trust and respect.
  3. Discover the strength of your organisation: Creating self-steering teams/employees.

During this training three phases (preparation, the journey and the return) will be run through based on practically composed workbook.
After following this training, everyone, as well as the team will have a specific and personal action plan. New insights and gained experiences will be bound to set goals and the associated actions.
This training is catered in collaboration with Mark van den Broek (Closer2talent)

Target group: organisations/developing teams.
Investment: depending on the duration of the training.
Duration: in mutual consultation.

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