Your Path Coaching
Your Path Coaching

This variant of coaching is the most practical one and can be executed for every worker. A coach will escort, support and focus on expanding the effectiveness of the employee and-or the team. During this process a coach will escort you in exploring your qualities, your desires and obstructions. Furthermore, the coach will determine what steps to take and what is required to do so. Support and reflections will take place during the execution of the steps. This is to explore your capacities from your own self-consciousness, on which you would like to further develop. During this process you can ask co-workers for help and complements. My experience shows that when this is compellingly clear, the rest will find its own way.

Target group: employers that want to create a stepping stone to support their employees in developing internally or finding new jobs.
Investment: depending on the choice in subscription form.
Duration: in mutual agreement.

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