Soul Coaching
Soul Coaching

Soul coaching is the option where you wish to live from the essential part of your unmeasurable inner force. During the coaching sessions I will support you to find your way back to your core, your authentic self. We will do this by focusing on your inner processes, in a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical way. One of the exercises will be to tackle the themes that obstruct you from living out of your essential core. Getting rid of inner ballast is an effective way to stop blockades and provide the space required for your inner wisdom. The authenticity will therefore become clearer. ‘Soul coaching’’ ensures a direct connection with your soul and the cohering life. You will learn to understand what it is your soul wants to teach you about relationships, your career, creativity and your future.

Target group: everybody who wishes to live from their essential part and the thereby adhering flow.
Investment: depending on the choice in subscription form.
Duration: as desired.

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