Team training that makes the full potential of your team insightful, utilizes it and anchors it.



Coaching from the core of your employee, team or organisations which results into exponential results.


A proven combination of two passions: training and traveling. Out of your comfort zone, which is where the magic happens.

Soulution Training & Coaching

Soulution has been developed out of a combination of my experience in working with people, teams and organisations & the facilitation of body-oriented, intuitive and energetic work.

In my opinion, when you reach the (soul)core of a person, team or a company, you can faultlessly facilitate what is necessary. Thus faultlessly start with the training or coaching question. Soulution literally means: solutions from the soul.

Since I like to work with my creativity and I believe in experience-oriented learning, Soulution is a realisation of creative training concepts, co-creation, connections, innovations, additions, and renewed formation, developing from the (soul)core. My experience taught me that every company, every team, and every individual operates from their core. Work from this core and you will reach phenomenal results.

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